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Our Tax Stamps Secure Tax Revenue

Tax stamps can safeguard tax revenues in the millions. But it’s not just about the financial aspect: Counterfeit-proof tax stamps protect consumers from sub-standard products and safeguard your brand’s reputation.

LEONHARD KURZ offers you a highly customizable modular system consisting of diffractive security elements, security labels, and security software to protect your tax revenues. Our Tax Stamp Award-winning module innovation adds value for everyone involved in the lifecycle of your tax stamps: From production, through the supply chain, to the end customer. The tax authority has full control and visibility at all times.

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Your Advantages with TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps:


Uncompromising security


Track & Ttrace capability


Mobile authentication


Sovereign branding


Consumer protection

Governments Worldwide Rely on Our Expertise


With more than 40 years experience and projects realized in 110 countries, KURZ is your expert for tax stamp security solutions. As an experienced partner for security features, KURZ has launched TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps to offer modular solutions that maximize tax revenue and protect against counterfeit products.

Discover Our Modular Security Concept for Your Tax Stamps

TRUSTCONCEPT® Secures, Authenticates, and Facilitates Supply Chain Control

Our three modules of diffractive security elements, printed security labels, and security software are available individually or as a tailor-made complete solution. TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps can be enhanced with a range of additional features, linked to digital added value, and tailored to your individual needs. Find out more here:

Diffractive Security Elements

Functional and attractive security features for tax stamps

Security elements

Reliable Security Labels

Custom designed and printed security labels

Security labels

Tax Stamps Security Software

Excellent digital counterfeit protection with TRUSTCODE® Base

Security software

Security Policies and Tax Stamp Certifications

When producing our tax stamps, we follow the tax stamp guideline ISO 22382:2018, which we have actively helped to design. Our tax stamps also meet the requirements for the necessary security features in accordance with TPD2 (Art. 16) and are produced under strict security requirements in accordance with ISO 14298.

Furthermore, KURZ is your contact for TPD2-compliant track & trace solutions (Art. 15) and, as an accredited company, ITSA-certified to generate UIDs. For producers, relevant product information can be recorded and stored centrally in their TRUSTCODE® Base database. We thus also meet the requirements of Art. 8 of the FCTC protocol. Certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 – the leading international standard for information security – you can rest assured that your data will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Would you like to find out more about our certifications? Michael Ritschewald will be happy to tell you more himself.

“From the first consultation to the implementation of your project, I am always at your disposal as your dedicated point of contact.”


Michael Ritschewald, Product Manager Tax Stamps


Our References for Tax Stamps


We would be happy to present a few reference projects to show you how our security features work in detail, and how we make life difficult for counterfeiters. But so that our solutions can continue to help protect your tax income, this is a closely guarded secret.

Do you have any questions about our products? Please contact our Tax Stamps expert Michael Ritschewald.


Patented technology


High-security printing


Excellent security software

KURZ is a proud member of the following international organizations, which are dedicated to the effective protection against counterfeiting: