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TRUSTCODE®: Excellent Counterfeit Protection Software

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Security Software Solutions

For Mobile Authentication plus Track & Trace of Tax Stamps

Our Tax Stamp Award-winning security software offers you first-class protection. With the custom-made TRUSTCODE® Base database, product information, movement data, and much more can be accessed at any time and anywhere in the world. And all of this couldn’t be easier thanks to the TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps demo app, which is encrypted and linked to our highly secure KURZ data center.

Full Transparency within Your Supply Chain

The TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps solutions gives you full transparency in all steps, from production, warehouse management or shipping and application at the brand owner. Furthermore you see all codes which got scanned by different stake holders like customs or even end users. You are always well informed with a simple click in the management cockpit of the TRUSTCODE® Base. Try us!

The TRUSTCODE® Base custom database can store product information for end customers, excise product transaction data, and product authentication data for your employees. Just one multi-scan by smartphone with the TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps demo app is enough for the individual security features to be recorded and compared directly with the TRUSTCODE® Base.

The multi-level code aggregation - from individual tax stamps to stacks and rolls, and from boxes to pallets - supports your logistics process. What’s more, the security software also makes your order and supply chain management very straightforward.

With this software, KURZ offers you an excellent solution that enables protected access to your data around the clock, whether at your premises or in the highly secure KURZ data center. The app allows you to access information specifically for certain definable user groups.

Extended Functionality with the TRUSTCODE® Security Software

QR Codes


The unique, systematically generated serialization code on the labels can be displayed by reading the QR code in the TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps app. The special encryption lets the product be verified by comparing it with the unique code printed on the tax stamp. Serialization also facilitates product protection as part of code aggregation, from the pallet to the individual product. This makes counterfeit products even more difficult to produce and gray market activities easier to identify.



A QR code can consist of covert and public information. These details can be compared with the information stored in the database by means of a scan. In this way, for example, authentication can be carried out or product information can be displayed. In addition, detailed evaluations as well as track and trace of the tax stamp are possible. Analog tax stamps are thus expanded to include the possibilities of the digital world.

Track and Trace


The tracking feature lets you track and analyze supply chains around the world. Scanning is carried out using a smartphone, handheld device, or stationary measuring points. The data is compared with the TRUSTCODE® Base database, and the status is added. Our solution supports the automated analysis of your supply chain - either through your ERP system or our TRUSTCODE® software. This also allows you to manage production capacity and stock levels in real time.

Tax Stamp Award


The TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps won over the jury at the Excellence in Tax Stamps Awards with their professional approach, their adaptable functions and their overall performance. As the joint winner of the Best Innovation Award in the Tax Stamp Forum, our KURZ software solutions represent a new understanding of tax stamps as a customizable identification system.

TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps Brochures

You will find more information on implementing and using our modular solutions in our brochures.

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TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps Demo App

Simple Product Authentication

Download the free TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps demo app now and find out how quick and easy it can be to authenticate your products! To use all features of the app, please order the free Tax Stamps brochure as well.


Download the TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps demo app for free here:


Our Security Software References

We would be happy to name some of our successfully completed reference projects to show you exactly how our security features work and how we make life difficult for counterfeiters. But so that our solutions can continue to help protect your income, this is a closely guarded secret.

Do you have any questions about our products? Contact our expert Thomas Brücklmeier.

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