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Custom Printed Security Labels

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Security Labels

With Identification, Coding, or Authentication Solutions

Tax stamps can also be designed as security labels – with all the features that characterize a highly functional security label: From first-opening protection on alcoholic beverages, to detachable banderoles on tobacco products, and high-performance counterfeit protection.

At KURZ, we rely on cutting-edge technology and more than 40 years of experience to develop effective security foils and labels for government agencies and premium manufacturers.

When manufacturing your individual security labels, you can therefore access an extensive range of functions that can be tailored precisely to your needs.

Product Benefits of KURZ Security Labels:


Ownership and brand protection


Counterfeit and tamper-proof


Sealed packaging


Destructible and non-transferable labels

Tackling Tax Stamp Protection with Directly Printable ValiGate® Security Labels

With the innovative ValiGate® security technology of our subsidiary SCRIBOS, you can integrate a new protection element into your tax stamps – particularly quickly and cost-effectively. By means of direct printing, a unique security structure is transferred to your tax stamp, which can be read via smartphone as a digital security certificate. Whether you want to realize small or large orders, with ValiGate® you remain highly flexible in protecting your products against counterfeiting attempts.

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Visible Digital Seal – Your Digital Fingerprint for Tax Stamps

What is the fastest and most reliable way to protect your tax stamps against misuse? Choose the direct route with digital seals from LEONHARD KURZ. Based on our many years of experience in document security, we have further developed VDS technology and can now also protect tax stamps with this cryptographic encryption.

How Does it Work?

Similar to the classic Visible Digital Seal, we use public key cryptography to give your security label a unique identity. To do this, we use your specific product data and a security key to generate a digital fingerprint in the form of a unique QR code that you can apply to the tax stamp to securely verify your alcohol or cigarette product. This gives you clear, tamper-proof evidence that this product is an original.

Our Portfolio for Your Security Labels

Security punches of our wet-glue or adhesive labels ensure first-opening protection of products to safeguard them against reuse and manipulation. Powerful security features such as multi-colored UV fluorescent inks or guilloche security printing make it difficult to copy or imitate labels. Serialization identifies the customs-cleared units of goods. We implement mobile authentication and complex track & trace features using our TRUSTCONCEPT® security software.

UV-Fluorescent Ink


To check the feature, you need UV light with a wavelength of approx. 365 nm. Under this light, for example, the UV fluorescent ink appears multi-colored. Counterfeiting is thus made more difficult by the concealed visual features.

Guilloche Security Printing


The guilloche is a pattern of thin, wavy decorative strips and graphic patterns. This special printing technique cannot be reproduced with a commercially available copier because the fine details would appear blurry and could therefore be easily spotted with the naked eye.

Wet-Glue and Adhesive Labels


Wet-glue labels can be processed quickly and adhere to different surfaces. Depending on requirements, wet-glue labels can be applied to the side or front of the packaging. Adhesive labels are usually attached to the neck of the bottle and serve as protection against tampering/reuse and as closure seals. Our adhesive labels offer effective protection for a wide range of applications.



A unique number is printed in each tax stamp during production.

TRUSTCONCEPT® Tax Stamps Brochure

You will find more information on implementing and using our modular TRUSTCONCEPT® solutions in our brochure.

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References for Security Labels

We would be happy to name some of our successfully completed reference projects to show you how exactly our security features work and how we make life difficult for counterfeiters. But so that our solutions can continue to help protect your income, this is a closely guarded secret.

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Tamper protection


Guilloche security printing